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One size does not fit all! We offer custom solutions with a boutique pricing model based on what the needs of the hour are for our client.

We aim to work with businesses of all price points, regardless of size. Our goal remains honest, resilient cybersecurity practices that should be accessible to all. 

Pricing Models

What decides the price and why these options?

Complexity of the cybersecurity services, the level of expertise required, the duration of the engagement, and the client's specific needs and industry will be considered. We will also take into consideration the size of the company and the number of assets that need addressing. Tailoring our pricing model to align with the value we provide and allowing companies affordability is a key differentiator with AndMorLight. We will be transparent about pricing structures and any potential additional costs that may arise during the engagement as scope changes, if it does. Our boutique pricing allows for increased flexibility for our clients to tailor services per their needs. 

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